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Life, Listened is the first lifestyle podcast network dedicated to the life YOU live: your home, your family, your kids, your relationships, your style, your creativity and your work.

Co-owned by Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, co-hosts of the popular parenting podcast The Mom Hour, Life, Listened is dedicated to delivering shows with one simple idea: to keep you inspired, entertained and informed while you go about your life, whether you’re chopping onions in the kitchen, commuting to work, folding laundry or waiting in the school pick-up line.


THE MOM HOUR: Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, two moms with eight kids between them from preschool to teen, take on parenting topics and issues related to motherhood in a tone that is reassuring and real–with lots of room for laughter.

THE HOME HOUR: Design, DIY, and gracious living with co-hosts Kirsten Dunlap and Graham Smith. Consider this podcast the Home-Ec class you wish had been offered in school. 

MAKE LIGHT: Bestselling author, speaker, and photographer Karen Walrond interviews light-seekers and light-makers from around the world, learning all how they live with intention and a sense of adventure.

SELFIE: Sarah James, a lifestyle blogger and self-help aficionado, is joined by bestie Kristen Howerton, a writer and psychotherapist, as they tackle the tricky and often elusive aspects of caring for ourselves.

CRUNCHY COCKTAIL HOUR: Alison and Larisa are two full-time working moms on the journey to improving their families’ health. They unpack what it means to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle–always with cocktails at the ready.

WHYPARTISAN: Join Democrat Kristen Howerton and Republican Paul Martin as they explore current political events while bringing civility to civil discourse and kindness to political debate.

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