Articles by Sarah Powers

Co-Parenting In Real Life: The Mom Hour, Episode 178

Co-parenting is tough, and we're here to talk about it. This week Meagan and Sarah talk about getting on the same page as your co-parent, how to handle personality differences and baggage from our backgrounds, and why we think kids benefit from different parenting styles (mostly). Plus, Alison Thompson joins Sarah for a fun chat about choosing baby names. Join us! [listen to the episode]

Listener Questions! The Mom Hour, Episode 175

Losing your cool and yelling at your kids (how it happens to us ALL, how to prevent it, and how to cope after it happens), dealing with a pinching/biting 19-month-old, and extracting your family from a sticky situation with neighbor friends whose parenting style makes you uncomfortable. These listener questions PLUS a chat with newly-minted mom of two Alison! [listen to the episode]