Summer Swimsuit Hack: Add A Zipper To Make Rashguards Comfier & Longer-Lasting

This blog post accompanies the New Mom Segment of The Mom Hour, Episode 161.

Looking to get one more season out of last year’s rash guard that’s too tight to fit over your child’s head but otherwise fits? Maybe you just want to ditch the tears that come from head squeezing and face smushing but still keep the sun protection a rash guard provides?

Add a zipper.

I bought Annalee a Matilda Jane rash guard that matches two coordinating swimsuits, but the neck was pretty tight. I knew dressing her in it would be an uphill battle EVERY TIME. Determined to get my money’s worth, I’m so glad I came up with this solution.

Adding a zipper was not a DIY possibility for me, so I found a local dry cleaners that offers tailoring services. They did it for $13. Modifying the rash guard will get us two seasons out of it for sure! It was definitely cheaper than buying a whole new swimsuit and probably just a little bit more than if had done it myself – not to mention the time saved! You can probably even negotiate a price you are willing to pay.

The zipper was placed at the back of the neck, which didn’t disturb the overall design at all. It looks great and fits so much better!  Had I thought of this when Annalee was a baby, I would have saved her lots of tears and myself lots of frustration when squeezing some of those swimsuit tops over her head.

Most rash guards I’ve encountered are pretty generous lengthwise but not so much around the neck, so this idea might work for your kids this summer, too! Pool and beach prep is arduous enough without worrying about swimsuits that are gonna make our kids cry, right?

Got any summer-savings strategies you want to share? I would love it if you shared them below!

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