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Hi! We’re Meagan & Sarah. We are two moms with eight kids between us, ranging in age from preschool to teen. Join us for new shows every week where we help you feel a little better about the mom you are today AND share our own tips and stories to give you that little bit of added confidence as you move through motherhood.

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Things We Shouldn’t Have Freaked Out About (Toddler Years): The Mom Hour, Episode 24

By popular request, we're following up Episode 19 (Things We Shouldn't Have Freaked Out About (As New Moms)) with a show all about the things that stressed us out when we were parenting toddlers. From potty training to introducing a sibling, we unpack our toddler-mom stresses and worries (with the added benefit of hindsight) in the hopes that we can help you worry just a little less. [listen to the episode]

Fall Love, Fall Envy, Fall Favorites: The Mom Hour, Episode 22

Where Meagan lives in Michigan, temperatures are dropping and leaves are turning. For Sarah in SoCal, people just wish those things were true. Join us as we laugh about everyone's favorite season to talk about - from Pumpkin Spice Lattes to late-90s J. Crew pea coats. We also share a few ideas for bringing fall into the kitchen, no matter what the thermometer says outdoors. Enjoy Episode 22, and thanks for listening! [listen to the episode]

Things We Shouldn’t Have Freaked Out About (As New Moms): The Mom Hour, Episode 19

Once upon a time, Meagan and Sarah were new moms. And we worried - a lot. Years later, we look back at some of the things we could have lightened up about just a tad. (Or a lot.) Episode 19 is for new moms - and anyone who can remember being one. We talk about agonizing over ounces pumped and hours slept (or not slept), and offer a little perspective from where we are now. [listen to the episode]

Choosing The Right School (Not As Scary As It Seems): The Mom Hour, Episode 16

Repeat after us, moms: It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. Choosing a school for your child can seem like a life-altering, permanent decision. In Episode 16, Meagan and Sarah are here to reassure you that it isn't. We share our own experience making school choices for our kids, from private to public to home schooling to charters to magnets to lotteries to... (Nope, not kidding. We've actually experienced, and discuss in this episode, all of those things.) [listen to the episode]

Chores & Delegation: The Mom Hour, Episode 15

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. Or so the saying goes, right? But as much as we'd like to throw our hands in the air sometimes, there are things that have to get done. In episode 15, Meagan and Sarah get into the details of chores, home management, delegating, and helping kids take on age-appropriate responsibilities. [listen to the episode]