What Kind of Crunchy Mom Are You?: Crunchy Cocktail Hour, Episode 03

What kind of crunchy mom are you?  Take the quiz with us to find out!
  • Crunchy: A crunchy mom practices natural living. She is an advocate of natural birth, selective circumcision, not vaccinating, baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, homeschooling, and organic and green living, etc.
  • Scrunchy: A scrunchy mom wants their child to live in a more natural, organic environment, but can’t quite commit to all the activities and practices involved in being a crunchy mom. So they do some, but not all of it. They are in between crunchy and silky.
  • Silky: A silky mom bottle feeds part or full-time, uses disposable diapers, is pro-circumcision, pro-vaccination, takes all advice from medical professionals, doesn’t care too much about labels and usually buys products based on convenience.  Homeschooling is usually not an option. Silky moms aren’t too bothered about being green or living an organic lifestyle.

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  1. Love the photo of Larisa and her coconut oil! Just took your quiz and got a score of 13–just inside the bracket of a ‘Scrunchy Mom.’ My co-worker, Christie, took it alongside me and is a 10…so ‘Silky’ bordering to ‘Scrunchy.’ We laughed quite a bit while taking this quiz! Fun way to start our morning. Thanks for a fun listen!

  2. Love this podcast and look forward to Friday’s so I can listen while folding laundry or starting dinner. I got a 21 so a “scrunchy” mom. Loved the vat of coconut oil I would have bought it too!

  3. I’m a new listener and found you by the recommendation of the lovely ladies at The Mom Hour. I got a 7 so I am definitely in the Silky Category. Of course I don’t see myself fit into that description completely. I definitely care about what goes in and on (as in absorbed by) my family’s body and I try to buy organic when in the budget or “all natural” foods and make it a point to shop around the outside perimeter of the grocery store. We are not vegan or vegetarian by any means and don’t have any medical dietary restrictions. But I like my family to eat whole real foods with limited preservatives or artificial ingredients. We are pro vaccine (except for the flu shot) but take the medical professionals opinions with a grain of salt and mostly do what works for us and use our gut feeling and our knowledge about our own bodies and kids. I am not huge on medication at all and prefer natural cures whenever possible, but I am grateful for modern medicine that is needed to help those who truly need it. I strive to care more for the environment and make better choices in that category, but I tend to lean towards convenience. I look forward to hearing more on what you ladies have to say. I have a neighbor that whole family is vegan including their 4 year old and we would love to invite them to our Summer Sunday cookouts, but not sure how to incorporate that into our carnivorous menu. I have no experience cooking vegan. Hoping to learn something 🙂

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