Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving: Crunchy Cocktail Hour, Episode 05


Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to let all healthy habits go.  Spice up the holidays with new traditions and get the whole family involved!  Find out how us foreigners (Canadian and Russian) have adapted to American Thanksgiving and hear our best tips for keeping the ultimate food-focused holiday just a tad healthier.

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  1. I loved all things about this episode. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. To me, Thanksgiving means family. I love the traditions of the food and the togetherness. My family definitely has a very traditional menu for Thanksgiving but over the years we have certainly put new twists on those recipes. Oddly enough, even though I disagree, my sister LOVES green bean casserole but she does make it 100% from scratch and is a much healthier version. We also have multiple kinds of stuffing…because why not!? My dad makes a recipe that has been used in the family for who knows how long, but it is a sausage/mushroom stuffing with a secret ingredient of applesauce. My husband makes a crab stuffing and is not allowed to show up without it. Then there is my sister and I who must have a box of StoveTop…and yes our family questions our judgement when there are two other scratch-made stuffings available. Love the podcast! Cannot wait for the next episode!

    • You had me at mushroom stuffing! Your Thanksgiving table sounds amazing and there’s nothing like tradition through your tastebuds!

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