Hair Health: Crunchy Cocktail Hour, Episode 12

We all want those beautiful, long, flowing locks from shampoo commercials, but for most of us, that’s just not a reality. But we can all strive to have our healthiest hair possible. What can you do to get healthy, strong hair? Can you improve hair growth after a period of loss? Listen in!

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For a more detailed overview of Function of Beauty, check out Larisa’s post on Larisa Explains it All.



  1. How do you guys recommend taking the collagen? Do you add the powder (it’s a powder, right?) into any beverage? I think I’ve seen people adding it to coffee, even?

  2. I recommend a powder form (see my recommendations based on use above). You can add it to virtually any beverage, hot or cold, or even to the water in your oatmeal or into your smoothie! It’s tasteless and will dissolve with some mixing so get creative!

  3. I loved this episode! Thank you for all of the great tips. I just ordered my first Function of Beauty set, I’m so excited to receive it. Thanks for recommending a great SLS-free shampoo, I’ve been looking for one!

  4. Loved this episode! I have been washing my hair every day and definitely have noticed that it is dried out. One question I had is.. what are your thoughts on dry shampoo? I assume there are some cleaner versions than others, but does it hurt the hair health by using it?

    • Thanks Lauren! It’s so tough to go from an everyday wash to stretching out your washes a bit. You will certainly notice a bit of a ‘transition’ period.

      I live off dry shampoo! It’s really the only way to look slightly profesh with unwashed hair. 🙂 I think dry shampoo is perfectly healthy for your hair. There are some better brands out there for sure. I currently use the Batiste colored dry shampoo, because I don’t love white residue in my darker hair. Larisa just purchased Cantu Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Co-Wash, but TBD on her thoughts on it. Maybe we can do an update on another episode. Thanks again for listening!

      • Throw my two cents in! While I don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with using dry shampoo, I do want to throw it out there that dry shampoo isn’t shampoo. It doesn’t clean your hair, it only absorbs the oils in your hair and if it stays on too long it will begin to dry out both your scalp and hair… and that can lead to some gnarly stuff. All that said, if you’re reaching for dry shampoo 2, 3, 4 times a week without a wash in between i would think again. If you’re just using it here and there between shampoos, you’re fine. For the record, when I showed Alison the “healthier” version i wanted to try, she called it bougie – ha!

      • I use Batiste dry shampoo as well and really like it. Do you think it’s safe though? I briefly looked at the ingredients then put the bottle down because I saw things like propane and butane!

  5. Hi there! First of all, I just discovered this podcast (and the entire Life, Listened network) today while searching for some wholesome podcast content. This episode was the first I listened to, and I’m completely hooked! This is everything I’m interested in. I’m so excited to listen to more of your past and future episodes as I transition into safer and more natural health & cleaning products.

    Question: I recently transitioned into an SLS-free shampoo (just the Whole Foods 365 brand), and I’m noticing my hair looks/feels greasier sooner after washing and drying. Is this just a “transition period”? And if so, how long should I expect it to last? (Btw, I’m an every-other-day washer, and use a medium amount of heat.) Any insight/tips y’all have are much appreciated! Thanks, and can’t wait for more – keep it up! 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’m so glad you found us! 🙂

      When I first transitioned to an SLS-free Shampoo (Function of Beauty), I noticed the same thing! One thing that worked really well for me was actually following the direcitons, lol. Specifically, my shampoo suggested washing twice before conditioning. I gave that a shot and noticed that there was a better lather on the second wash and my hair didn’t feel as greasy as quickly. Maybe give it a shot with the 365 brand. OR enter the contest for free Function of Beauty! Also, as I mentioned to Lauren above, a dry shampoo might help stretch your washes as well.

      Thanks again!

    • Hi Elizabeth! A few tips from me… You need less shampoo to wash your hair when you use an SLS free product. I would guess you’re using the same amount you normally would and that may be contributing to the extra oil. Secondly – I totally agree with trying to shampoo twice. When you do the second round, use the tiniest amount of shampoo (I’m taking like a penny amount). Your hair will suds up like crazy and leave your hair feeling super clean. See if those tips help and let us know!

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