Makeup Routines: Crunchy Cocktail Hour, Episode 16

There is nothing quite as fun as feeling absolutely fabulous, dolled up and and looking great. Makeup can be so much fun, but when you are wanting to live a greener lifestyle, you start to take a closer look at what is in your products. This is the first step in that process for us, and on this episode we dive into our current makeup routines. Next step: see if we want to make swaps for greener products (especially Alison).

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Episode Sponsor: Lola

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The FDA doesn’t require brands to disclose a comprehensive list of ingredients in their feminine care products, so it’s no surprise that most of them don’t. The major brands use a mix of synthetic ingredients that may also be treated with harsh chemical cleansing agents, fragrance, and dyes. With Lola you can take comfort in knowing that you are using 100% organic products

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