Healthy Pregnancy: Crunchy Cocktail Hour, Episode 25

The Crunchy Cocktail Hour is growing! We share an exciting update and talk through how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible (while still treating yourself, of course) and dive into some interesting crunchy pregnancy trends. We also share a few of our own stories from our pregnancies.

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  1. Hey guys! Love listening in to your show! Enjoyed listening to this episode being almost 8mo postpartum after my third babe. Still feel very close to all this childbearing. Just wanted to chime in because I had a Home birth for my first and a hospital birth with my second two! Interestingly enough the main reason I wound up delivering in the hospitals w babies #2 and 3 was because my insurance situation changed and the plan I was on wasn’t accepted by the Home birth midwives. The home birth experience was soooooo great, for some of the reasons you talked about. And actually some of the more practical drawbacks didn’t really apply. For example, our midwives did absolutely all the cleanup, and they provided postpartum care (yes we were alone our very first night—eek! But they were by first thing in the morning to check on me and baby). Lastly, my biggest question going into having a Home birth was about safety and possible need to transfer to a hospital. The midwives I was with had something like a 5% transfer rate, and in all their practice had had only one emergency transfer (for postpartum bleeding, mom and baby both ended up fine). I think a good safe reasonable homebirthing practice is very careful about who they deliver at home (never twins, never high risk). I would totally have done it again, but also had totally great experiences in a hospital! I don’t blog much but have made a habit out of documenting my birth stories! This is where I wrote a bit about birthing my son at home! :
    Keep on keepin on!

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