Food Allergies: Crunchy Cocktail Hour, Episode 26

Food allergies are serious business, especially in small children. Alison shares the highs and lows of managing her daughter’s allergies and what has worked for her family.

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  1. Kelly Griffith May 1, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    Thanks so much for this podcast episode! My son has severe allergies to peanuts, tree nut, milk, eggs and sesame seeds. He also had such severe eczema when he was younger that we had to get him treated at National Jewish Hospital in Denver for that and his food allergies. In regard to food challenges, they were actually very helpful for us because it let us know definitely what he was actually allergic to. His skin tests showed allergies to wheat and soy, but the food challenges helped us realize he was actually able to eat these. He has accidentally ingested milk twice which led to anaphylaxis and Epi Pen injections and trips to the hospital. He is now 8 years old, and it’s still a struggle with eating healthy despite the restrictions. He is very good about knowing his allergies, though, and he understands the importance of avoiding them. I feel for you, because I know how scary it is. Thanks for bringing more awareness to this.

    • Alison Thompson May 8, 2018 at 1:20 pm

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the episode, Kelly! I’m so terrified of the prospect of giving my daughter her EpiPen. It’s comforting to hear other moms who have been through it. I’ve heard such wonderful things about food challenges, but it hasn’t been part of our discussion with our allergist yet. Did you need to seek another opinion to be able to explore the option? Thinking of you and your little one!

      • No, but we actually did go through about 3 allergists before we found one we really liked that we felt was very invested in our son. I think maybe food challenges come in at a little bit older ages, maybe? My son had his done when he was about 4.5 years old. It really helped us out a lot, because there were several foods he tested positive with on the skin AND blood tests that we had removed from his diet. Doing the food challenge actually helped us figure out that he had absolutely no negative reactions to eating some of those foods, so we were actually able to put them back into his diet. It also helped because he did have a reaction during a baked milk challenge, and I was glad to be in a medical setting when it happened, because they attended to him immediately and educated me on his symptoms and how I should react based on what those symptoms were. I know how scary all of this is! Wishing you the best of luck~

  2. I can so relate to a the challenges with an allergy child. It totally changes your life focus to be forced to be so careful about food. I have a 8 almost 9 year old with dairy, egg, corn, apples, pineapple, blueberry, raspberry and huckleberry. He has not had to use an epi pen but has esinophlic esophagitis so inside his reaction is severe. I have had both side of the reactions of parents and teachers. Beginning with the ignorance and indifference and now to the wonderful people who want to include my son. I try to embrace his differences because it really is a part of who he is. He is “the allergy kid” but that’s ok because he is loved and cared for by everyone because of it.

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