19 Kids, 2 Podcast Hosts, & Counting: A Chat with the Duggars! The Home Hour, Episode 127

On today’s special bonus episode of The Home Hour, we’re talking to Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar from TLC’s hit show, “19 Kids and Counting” 

Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we visit with the patriarch and matriarch of the large family we’ve all watched for years!  We talk about how they stick to a schedule while still remaining flexible, live on a budget and avoid taking on debt, keep a positive attitude while focusing on character, and of course, their strong Christian faith that rests at the center of  it all.

Resources the Duggars Mentioned:

Intended for Pleasure by Ed Wheat

Financial Freedom Course

Managers of the Home by Teri Maxwell

Cozi Calendar 

Family Conferences

49 Character Traits

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