Blogging and Life with Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child: The Home Hour Episode 16

Rebecca Woolf and kids

These days, it seems like everyone and her sister writes – or used to write – a blog. But in the early to mid-2000s, say the word “blog” to your grandma and you’d probably get a blank stare, and the idea of earning a living by writing about your family life online was still a fantasy.

In this episode of The Kitchen Hour Podcast, blogger, author, and mom of four Rebecca Woolf – who’s been blogging since “the olden days” – and I discuss coming of age and angst in the pre-Facebook days, surprise motherhood, making up the holidays as you go along, professional blogging, and what it means to write and earn a living from your words in today’s very connected world.

Some of the things Rebecca and I discussed:

Her quirkily awesome sense of style, in particular this vintage 1980s pantsuit, which led me to accost her in the hall at a conference and ask where she got it.

rebecca pantsuitabove: Rebecca speaking on a panel at the 2013 Mom 2.0 Summit (pictured with the lovely Jessica Ashley) and also, an action shot in her hotel room.

We talked about Rebecca’s 2008 book Rockabye, the phase of life she was in when she wrote it, and how painful and awkward it can be to go back and read things we associate strongly with certain periods of our lives.

The original Elf on a Shelf apparently lived in Rebecca’s childhood home. Who knew? Here he is, still alive but a little rough around the edges.


We covered so much ground, from the punk-rock roots of blogging to bad tattoos, becoming a mom at a young age, rebelling against rebellion, and more. Rebecca was so engaging, warm, and witty – don’t wait to listen to this episode!

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