Saving Money at the Holidays with Amy Clark of MomAdvice: The Home Hour Episode 09

Podcast with Amy Allen Clark of MomAdvice


This week I’m so excited to feature Amy Allen Clark, founder of the extremely helpful site and author of the fantastic new book The Good Life For Less. I’m lucky enough to have had the opportunity to hang out with Amy in person a few times, and we even danced together on a rooftop in Miami once (yes, for real!) She’s just as sweet and adorable in real life as she seems online, and I was thrilled to chat with her about her new book, entertaining on a budget, simplifying life, the best ways to use a slow cooker and more.

This is a great interview, and a long-awaited one: we recorded it before Christmas (hence all the holiday-related chatter!) but there were some technical difficulties that took a long time to edit out (and you might notice, there are still a few glitches here and there). Also, I had a cold and sound a little like a frog during our chat. Yikes! But the interview was just too great not to air. Just click the player below to stream it right here in your browser, or download in iTunes.

Looking forward to joining you in the kitchen this week!

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  1. Hi Meagan! Thanks for this podcast; you and Amy were so inspiring and gave me new ideas. You asked us to share what our biggest hurdles are to getting dinner on the table each night. I am a new mom with a 10 month old little girl, and my biggest hurdle is figuring out to keep her happy and occupied while I make dinner. The 5-6:30 time is always rough and is her fussiest time every day. She’s getting a bit heavy to wear while I cook (and reaching for hot pans and knives from the baby carrier, so that won’t last much longer!) She’s not independent enough to feed herself in the high chair while I bustle around. She is crawling and pulling up, and can get in a lot of trouble quickly if I’m busy and not paying attention. Any tips on occupying babies during “the kitchen hour”? Or meals that I can get completely ready during her afternoon nap? Thanks so much!

  2. Once again I enjoyed your podcast! It sure makes cleaning go a lot faster and longer!

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