New Year New You Part 1, Household Budgeting with America’s Cheapest Family: The Home Hour, Episode 102

It’s a new year at the Life Listened Network and we’re trying to make 2018 the best year ever! Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we devote the entire month to improving our lives, our homes, and ourselves… one week at a time.

On this episode of the Home Hour, we dive right into a topic that touches every area of our lives and our families: BUDGETING!!! We sit down with America’s Cheapest Family, The Economides, to talk about why a budget is so important, how get ourselves in the right place mentally to plan a budget, practical ways to execute your budget, and how to keep life fun without breaking your budget.


Steve & Annette Economides are NY Times Best Selling Authors, parents of five grown children, and Family Finance Experts. They are passionate about living the frugal lifestyle and sharing the fun, laughter, and freedom they’ve experienced. This has led them to write three books: America’s Cheapest Family gets You Right on the MoneyCut Your Grocery Bill in HalfThe MoneySmart Family System – Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age.

Steve & Annette’s enthusiasm about household finances has earned them appearances on Good Morning America, Today Show, Dr. Phil, CNN, Fox News, 20/20, Nightline, Yahoo Finance, People Magazine and many more.


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