What Was Hot and What’s Coming Next! The New Year’s Episode: The Home Hour, Episode 100

Woohoo! It’s the 100th Episode of The Home Hour!!!  Well, 100-ish….

On this episode of The Home Hour we’re celebrating a real “team effort” on reaching the triple digits! We’re also thinking this is the perfect milestone moment to take a look back at the hottest trends of 2017 and a look forward to what might be the next big things coming in 2018.

Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we revisit this time last year and remember what was predicted to be the hottest fads in food, fashions, and home decor. Was our 2017 was as trendy as we thought or did we miss the boat?  We also dig into what are expected to be the emerging crazes for 2018 and decide whether we are on board or staging a boycott!

Articles we mentioned on the show:

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HelloFresh is the meal kit delivery service that makes cooking more fun so you can focus on the whole experience, not just the final plate.  Each week Hello Fresh creates new delicious recipes with step-by-step instructions designed to take around 30 minutes for everyone from novices to seasoned home-cooks short on time.

HelloFresh sources the freshest ingredients, measured to the exact quantities needed so there’s no food waste.

We loved our week with Hello Fresh and are so excited to offer our listeners a try!

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CanvasPeople.com has a very easy to use Photo-to- Canvas service that takes your favorite photo memories and turns them into beautiful artwork for you to enjoy every day.

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