New Year New You Part 2: Time Management, Calendars & Schedules: The Home Hour, Episode 103

Do you ever look back at your week and wonder how it shaped up the way it did? Does your calendar schedule send you into a tailspin?  This week on the Home Hour, we’re continuing our quest to make 2018 our best year yet and we’re sharing our tips and tricks for maintaining order in the busy world of home management.

We’ve found that a carefully planned day puts us on a path to sanity and a more cohesive week.  Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we discuss what strategies are working for us, where we’re falling behind, and our time management goals for the new year! 

Plus we debate over paper vs electronic calendar, how we coordinate our to-do lists and calendars with our husbands, and Kirsten’s love for systems and white boards!

Links We Mentioned in The Show:

The Miracle Morning Book by Hal Elrod

Make Your Bed Book  by Admiral William McRaven

Trello Boards for Moms – Great Article! 


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  1. Hi and a belated happy new year to you. I tried various cleaning systems with zones and certain days for certain chores and what not, but the most successful variation has been my “5 minutes clean and tidy game”. It goes like this:
    1) Write rooms or parts of rooms on little cards. I’ve got 24 cards, some rooms that need more attention are on two or three cards. This is the kitchen and the bathroom for example.
    2) Shuffle
    3) Take the top card and do what needs to be done there for at least 5 minutes but not more than 10 to 15 minutes.You’ll find something! 😉
    4) Put the card at the back of the pack.
    5) Still got time? Take the next card.
    6) When you’ve gone through all your cards, shuffle them again and maybe give yourself a reward.

    I love this very random system as you can do a lot if you want to but can also pick up where ever you left of maybe months ago. If you are doing it very regularly at 3 or more cards a day you’ll soon get to do some deep cleaning or serous decluttering and really see a difference. If you are less regular, you’ll at least do something to avoid total dirt and chaos in every area of your home from time to time.
    Plus I like the element of surprise 😊

    Freddie from Germany

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