Do you think it’s weird that I…….? The Home Hour, Episode 86

Quirks. Habits. Things we know shouldn’t bother us but drive us crazy anyway. This is the episode where we bring all our strangest behaviors out in the open and ask if anyone else can relate! Join Kirsten and Graham as they share the things they think may be weird and *hopefully* ask if any listeners are doing the same things?

Links we mentioned in this show:

Articles about weird habits:

Also, on this episode, Graham shared some weird elements of her dishwashing behaviors and it led us to ask:

Should you put crystal in the dishwasher?

It turns out the answer is … yes and no. In the end, it depends on the type of crystal. This helpful guide on the Waterford website explains the issue really well!

Also, if your crystal is dishwasher safe, then here is another guide about which detergents to use.

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  1. I would definitely not put crystal in the dishwasher. As with anything else of value, you have to take care of it. Treasure things and they will last you for a lifetime.

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