A Bold Splash of Color to Create a Home You LOVE: The Home Hour, Episode 117

Today on the Home Hour, we’re going back to our design roots and talking about turning our houses into homes we LOVE to live in.  Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we chat all about making big, bold design choices with interior designer and Bossy Color Founder: Annie Elliot.

From decorating kids’ spaces, to understanding lighting, to finding perfect paint colors; this episode is full of laughs, practical advice, and honest answers about how we really live.

“Your house has to feel like you and make you happy- not bum you out! So let’s talk about how to make it yours!” ~Annie Elliott

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Bottom Line: You’ll save time and have amazingly delicious meals! And these meals aren’t just yummy, they are good for you too— gluten-free, dairy-free & Paleo meals that are real-foods only!

But here’s THE BEST PART!

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