Won’t You Be My Neighbor: The Home Hour, Episode 120

On today’s episode, we’re chatting all about neighborhoods! Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we discuss what each of our neighborhoods are really like, how much we actually interact with our neighbors, and what does it mean to be a good neighbor anyway?

Plus, we dive into the truth about neighbor shaming, caring for elderly neighbors, neighbors who put their beliefs and resumes on the front lawn, stealing the neighbors’ trash from their alleys, and how one legendary Molotov Cocktail forever changed our opinions about “Drinks with the Neighbors.”



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  1. I’m about 30 minutes into the episode and so far it’s making me feel sad! No neighborhoods that I’ve lived in here in Florida have ever had close neighbors. In our neighborhood people avoid each other, argue in the neighborhood Facebook group, and I’m the only one saying hi. 🙁 Any advice about how to find a friendly neighborhood?

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