Reclaiming Your Life, Building Connections, and Conquering Mommy Burnout: The Home Hour, Episode 123

Do you feel stressed? Lonely? Tired of the seemingly endless loads of laundry & dishes? Or perhaps you’re even sick of this same old conversation!  On today’s episode we’re not just talking about “mommy burnout” but we’re figuring out how to conquer it and make our lives richer and happier! 

Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we speak with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler, author, parenting guru, and psychotherapist about how to circumnavigate the guilt and stress that comes from trying to do it all.

From diagnosis, to real life remedies we’ll dig into why more moms than ever are feeling so sad, alone, and anxious. We’ll also chat about what happens when kickball goes corporate, why a can of rusty nails and an old mattress are better than an i-pad, and why putting yourself first may be the best thing you can do for your family!

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