Win the Morning, Win the Day! The Home Hour, Episode 124

Lazy summer living is in full swing, but we’re talking about why summer may just be the perfect time to get a jump on designing some morning routines so we’re ready to go when Fall rolls around.

From morning exercise to what we make for breakfast to what major CEO’s do for their morning routines, join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we chat all about our morning rituals and why we think having a solid plan to attack the morning will make it a great day. 

Plus, a historical look at why mornings may really starts at night, celebrating “Chicken & Biscuit Friday”, and the special moment when Graham realized Kirsten wasn’t actually a terrible mother.

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  1. Do you have shownotes from the episodes? I wanted to see some of the breakfast recipes! Thanks! Carrie

  2. Hey Carrie! Thanks for reaching out. While the am breakfasts we do aren’t all that complex, here’s a list of things we often do:
    croissants from trader joes
    egg in a basket on the griddle
    homemade waffles made with applesauce instead of oil
    hardboiled eggs and canadian bacon or ham on the griddle
    french toast
    cinnamon toast in the toaster with a side of yogurt with honey
    peanut butter and jelly half sandwiches
    boca chicken patties on english muffins with melted cheese
    oatmeal with raisens and brown sugar
    quesadilla shell with scrambled eggs and cheese
    pop tarts:)
    hostess cinnamon cakes with melted butter on top
    bananas with peanut butter and raisens

    Hope this gives you some new ideas… Thank you for listening!

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