How To Be Homemaker-ish: The Home Hour, Episode 125

On today’s episode of The Home Hour we’re learning how to mother… LIKE A BOSS!

Join hosts Graham & Kirsten as we push aside the old notions of Martha Stewart-perfection and talk to Kendra Hennessy of Mother Like a Boss! about real life homemaking.

We’re walking that fine line between running an organized home but realizing that freedom is found in embracing imperfection! We’ll learn why it’s important that your family to do their part around the house and why homemaking is less about scrubbing and folding and more about creating the home life you envision.

Plus, Graham’s little boy handwriting, the one word that made Kirsten’s heart skip a beat, and how we stumbled into the new slogan for motherhood… “Mom: Wiper of all the things!”   


  1. This podcast doesn’t reflect the average mom. Totally unrelatable to the average mom. If a stay at home mom has time to worry about having a cleaning person, they have too much time. Add this to that things that make K & G unrelatable to listeners…. besides their Botox of course ! Bring back relatable moms please! Like Megan and Sarah.

  2. LoveLoveLOVE this podcast! I as a single mom who works full-time, I LOVE the tidbits and advice I pick up from this show! I think it is TOTALLY relatable, and I can’t wait to try “Pinterest meats Evernote”

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