Are We Too Old for That? The Home Hour, Episode 126

Today’s episode will appeal to the young at heart and the old lady in all of us! Join hosts Graham and Kirsten as we talk frankly about some of the things we’ve “aged out of”, other things that we definitely haven’t, what we probably should age out of, and what we haven’t quite aged into.

We may have been best friends since college, but we’re not the same women we were when we met in our teens. Today we’re chatting about how we’ve grown out of some of our old ways, what we’re still clinging to, and the old lady things we see (often excitedly!) coming on the horizon!

Plus, Graham’s love of arthritis creams, Kirstens fear of frozen yogurt toppings, and what constitutes a classy scarf vs. a trashy scarf! Also… this episode had TONS of great deals for our listeners so be sure to check the sponsor spotlight for coupon codes!


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