Meet The New Hosts! The Home Hour, Episode 65

We’re BACK — and we’ve got big news! The Home Hour is relaunching with renewed focus on all things home: design, DIY, and gracious living. Co-hosts Kirsten Dunlap and Graham Smith have been busy behind the scenes preparing amazing shows, lining up interviews with experts in the home design/decor sphere, and freshening up this space with a brand new look and feel.

In Episode 65 you’ll hear Meagan Francis, the podcast’s original host and founder of the Life, Listened Podcast Network, chat with her good friend Sarah Powers (of The Mom Hour) about the changes to The Home Hour and the growth of the network. Then Sarah interviews Kirsten and Graham to find out some of their favorite home projects, what they have planned for their first few episodes, and how they handle common organizational challenges around the house.

Welcome, Kirsten and Graham. Welcome, new (and longtime!) listeners. Welcome back, The Home Hour!

Look for The Home Hour wherever you hang out online!

Products we mentioned in Episode 66

Thanks for listening, everyone! Welcome home.


  1. Hi Graham and Kirsten! So excited about the relaunch and also to meet the two of you on last week’s episode. I loved it! I would love to hear a mini “lifestyle design series” where you discuss ideal design options for different lifestyles room by room. For example, what is the ideal kitchen design for the stay-at-home-mom? After living in my house with two little ones, I hate that my kitchen sink looks opposite my family room because that’s where they typically are and I’m always at the sink it seems. LOL.

    • Katie,
      I am so sorry that I just stumbled upon your comment today! I totally apologize for the tardy reply! This is a really great idea! We have an awesome interior designer on in the fall and we should bring this up when we have her on the show! And YES about the sink! I have the exact same issue. It looks out onto a window, which is nice, but I wish I could keep a better eye on the kids when I’m at the sink. I truly hope you are enjoying the re-launch and please send us an email if you have any other show ideas! We always love feedback! Thanks for writing!

  2. Yay! So excited for this reboot. I am really looking forward to the education aspects, for example, what are the pros and cons of various materials. However, I will say that a 2500 sq foot house is not small!

    • HI Jacquie!
      Oh my goodness… somehow I didn’t see your comments until just TODAY! So sorry…. did not mean to ignore! I love this idea and we are hoping to have a guest on this fall to walk us through making some choices about various materials! Let us know more specifically what you’re looking for!
      Also regarding your 2500 sf comment, I totally see your point. I think the reason it feels small is more based on the layout than the square footage (and maybe the super loud voices of my children!!) My boys share a room and have very different bedtimes so that’s a bit of a challenge. Also, our laundry room is really just a closet, so I end up doing laundry in the guest room, which we actually use as a guest room all the time since we frequently have family visiting. The guest room also doubles as my husband’s home-office. (Of course, the living room and dining room almost never get used! Too bad I can’t put a washer and dryer in my dining room! LOL!) Thanks for your comment and I hope you are enjoying the show. THANKS!!

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