Welcome to our Kitchens: The Home Hour, Episode 66

In this first episode of the newly relaunched Home Hour, Kirsten and Graham welcome listeners into the room that is truly the heart of every home: the kitchen! 

Kitchens are a big topic! In this episode, we explain what OUR kitchens are like, and how they may be similar or different from yours, our listeners.

Kirsten completely rebuilt her kitchen three years ago. Graham’s kitchen is still exactly the same as the day she moved in, but she is on the verge of a whole remodel.  On this episode, Kirsten shares all she did right and what she would do differently when it comes to kitchens. Meanwhile Graham looks for answers about countertops, appliances, and how to add unique touches and beauty to a room that serves such a utilitarian needs in the house! 

Some quirky touches in Kirsten’s kitchen:

Getting Gracious with Graham! 

In this week’s monthly recurring segment, Graham shared some fun facts about the history of napkin rings.

Products we talked about on this episode:

Earthquake Handles from Signature Hardware on Kirsten’s Fridge

Copper & Brass Pendant Lights  from Big Ship Salvage above Kirsten’s Island

Thanks for listening, friends!

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