Hosting a BIG Party: The Home Hour, Episode 68

That party was Cray Cray!

The More the Merrier? Or Too Much of a Good Thing? On this episode, Graham & Kirsten take entertaining to the next level as we discuss whether throwing a big blow-out party is really that much more work than hosting a small gathering? Kirsten just threw a backyard crawfish boil for 400 guests and we devote this episode to looking at what went right, what went wrong and whether or not she would to it again!

Links we mention:

Powder Cheese (to make mac & cheese for a crowd!)

Louisiana Crawfish Company

Catering from a grocery store deli 

On Episode 68, we get down to the details about hosting large parties and Graham gets the scoop from Kirsten on how her party got so huge in the first place?

Crawfish Delivery!

 We discuss why Kirsten chose to throw a crawfish boil, who was there to help her, how she entertained and fed the kids, and what was the surprisingly messiest part of the cleanup. We talk about how we both think differently than our spouses when it comes to what think makes a party great.

Graham and Kirsten also share some of their favorite hacks for feeding a crowd.


Kirsten’s not the only one entertaining this week (or killing crustaceans for that matter!) We also get to hear about the Graham’s latest event  “Ladies who lunch” turned “Ladies who Lobstah!”


  1. Enjoying the podcast reboot! After listening to this episode, I wondered about parking for such a large party? And how large is your yard? Just trying to figure out logistics of something like this. Thanks 🙂

    • HI Amy! Thanks so much for listening! Glad to hear you are enjoying the re-launch!
      Those are GREAT questions and to be honest, things I thought about a little late! Parking definitely was an issue but not insurmountable. First, lots of our guest live pretty close by so we encouraged all those guests who qualified as neighbors to ride their bikes. (The street in front of our house looked like a bike fair!) Also, we are fortunate that we live right across the street from a church where my daughter attends preschool. I spoke to people at the church to see if we could borrow about 20 spots for a few hours (It was a Saturday afternoon so they were fine with it!) Lastly, well.. some people had to park far away and walk. Not ideal, but also not a huge problem! No one complained!
      As far as my yard, We are on about a half an acre. However, about 1/3 of my yard is a pool area that we had completely locked up for safety reasons. It was crowded, but we were fine (and people were inside my house too!)
      One thing I learned was that it was surprisingly simple to get a permit to shut down the street in front of my house. All I needed was the signatures from 4 of my neighbors! The permit was free and all I needed to do was pay for the barricade rentals, which I got from a local party rental store for under $30. It was a great way to double the size of my yard and keep kids safe from cars!
      Love that your thinking of throwing a HUGE party! They are fun! Thanks for listening!

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