Should you hire an Interior Designer? The Home Hour Episode 69

Design your home yourself? Or hire a pro? And what’s the difference between a designer, a decorator, and a stylist anyway? On this episode, Kirsten and Graham chat with Interior Designer Terra Mimikakis about all what it’s like to work with a professional.

We talk about trends in design and how Graham & Kirsten both have what they would call “traditional taste” but worry they may sometimes look outdated!  We discuss how things like wall coverings, crazy paints, or unique pillows are easy to change out after a few years and can freshen up a room, keeping it from looking stale. However, more expensive pieces like furniture should be timeless.

We talk about what happens when a designer and a client don’t agree on what looks good! Terra explains how examining things on paper and in drawings to really see the ideas visually before committing  with real dollars can usually prevent mistakes and disagreements. But sometimes, in the end, it comes down to finding the designer who you mesh with style-wise before the project even begins!

We also learn that Terra lives in a very cool part of town, very close to the airport. (Yes, we hear about five planes land and take off in our interview!)

If you want to see some beautiful interiors that will make your mouth water, be sure to visit Terra’s website  Terra Mimikakis Designs!

We also discuss Graham and Kirsten’s exciting weekend trips (sans kiddos!)

Graham and her husband went to Austin, Texas with friends for a 40th Birthday. They did their part to “Keep Austin Weird” by visiting the “Cathedral of Junk!”

Meanwhile, Kirsten tagged along with her husband on a business trip to Florida. While he was working, Kirsten stayed busy scoping out great places for Graham & Kirsten’s future “Golden Girls” style retirement!

Palm Trees + Pink Walls = Kirsten’s favorite!





  1. If you guys do another interior designer episode, it would be great to get some useful tips and takeaways: how to find a designer, what questions to ask when interviewing, what is the normal pay structure, what are cost effective but big impact ways to use a designer, etc.

    • Hi Jacquie,
      Thanks so much for listening! We appreciate your feedback. These are great questions! We will be bringing more designers on the show beginning later this summer and will definitely add these questions to our lineup!

  2. Hi! Kirsten, as a fellow Phoenician, have you worked with any interior decorators that you would recommend?

  3. Hey Kim!
    Thanks for listening! So fun to get a comment from a fellow Phoenician. I have lots of local designers I love but I would probably want to know more about your personal style before I recommend anyone specifically. Feel free to email me at if you want to talk more in-depth. However, off the top of my head, some great local designers are Heather Ryan (, Kristen Forgione (The LifeStyled Co.), Nicole Lee (Nicole Lee, Fallon Liles (Rafterhouse), Jaimee Rose (

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