A Top Realtor’s Tips For Selling Your House: The Home Hour, Episode 71

When should you put your house on the market, how much prep work do you really need, how to find a good realtor, and when it’s really better just to skip that “For Sale” Sign and stay put! On this episode, Kirsten & Graham learn the tips, tricks, and must-do checklists of selling a home. We speak with one of the Top Producing Realtors in Atlanta, Mary Stuart Iverson.

Mary Stuart Iverson


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Mary Stuart Iverson, Atlanta Realtor

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Episode 71:

To begin with, Mary Stuart advises us that moving is a big challenge so if you don’t have to move, then you really shouldn’t. She tells clients to look at their location (Location, Location, Location!) and think about whether or not they love it, whether or not they have room to expand, and whether or not they have the margin in their life to handle a remodel! However, if there is something REALLY great on the other side, then moving may be the right choice.

Mary Stuart says your first call should be to your agent….not your handman. A good agent will give you the full list things to do and save your handyman the extra trips.

She says that while it may be frustrating to spend the money on a home you’re planning to sell, it really is money well spent. The first impression is important to buyers. Additionally, because the internet has made it possible for buyers to tour your home in pictures before ever stepping foot inside, that has only become more true! The goal is to get them to look online and be excited to see it in person. 

Graham and Kirsten both love the idea of a house that is a project, but the truth is, we are the exception! Mary Stuart tells us that most people want a house that is done and move-in ready!

Mary Stuart shares some great tips for selling a house:

  • A fresh, new doormat and some freshly planted flowers by the front door make a great impression.
  • Declutter! Having a house packed to the seams can make a home look small. Since you’re going to be packing anyway, take this time to pack up your personal items.
  • Mary Stuart advises that hiring a realtor is the best way to get the best price for your house.


  • Clean your house!
  • Remove Clutter. Storage is important to any prospective homeowner, so clean out your closet
  • Replace old furnace filters and remove and dust accumulations from heat registers or vent covers
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Tighten door knobs
  • Put jewelry, checkbooks, and other valuables in a secure place


  • The front door makes an important first impression. A little linseed oil will freshen up stained wood. Or, if your front door is painted, wash with soap and water. If the paint or varnished or chipped,  a fresh coat of paint may be a good idea!
  • Clean gutters if needed
  • Repair or replace torn screens
  • Hose off or pressure wash exterior wood and trim.
  • If you have an outside patio or deck, make sure any lawn furniture, gas grills, or exposed wood are in good repair
  • Keep the yard cut and trimmed
  • Trim and shape the shrubs if necessary
  • Keep the area around the garbage cans neat and free of trash
  • Stack woodpiles neatly
  • Keep drives and walks swept free from pine straw, limbs, oil stains, etc.
  • Put a fresh layer of pine straws on pine islands
  • Keep surface water drainage areas and natural streams free from debris that may cause water to stand or stagnate
  • Pick up toys, tools, bicycles, etc

DIY Playroom Dance Studio!

In our special Kirsten vs. DIY segment, Kirsten shares how she built ballet barre for her daughter’s birthday with one trip to Lowes!





  1. I am thinking to sell my property and I read your post. It contains really helpful information related how to sell a property. I appreciate your efforts behind this post..!!

  2. I definitely agree with Mary Stuart and her point about hiring a real estate agent is the best way to get the best price for a house. Last year, my husband and I tried selling our house through only our own efforts. Honestly, we didn’t have enough connections to sell it. However, once we allowed a realtor to step in and help out, it finally got sold!

  3. These are really inspiring tips. One of the important point I like the most is a good homebuyer will give you the full list things as per your home condition. Thanks for sharing..!!
    Visit: http://bit.ly/2BjQRMS

  4. There is a lot that you can do when you plan to sell your house and I really like some of the tips that the article gives. For example, you will always want to make sure that you clean your house and remove clutter. That way any potential buyers can have an easier time imagining themselves living in your home.

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