Kitchen Organization & The Neat Method: The Home Hour, Episode 73

Kitchens are the most utilized room in the house and as every mom knows, they can also quickly turn into one of the most disorganized! From a practical pantry, to a mom kitchen office, to the ultimate black hole of the ” the junk drawer” we’re addressing the biggest kitchen challenges! On episode 73, Kirsten and Graham talk with Ashley Murphy, professional organizer, working mother, and co-founder of the Neat Method, a nationwide organizing company

Ashley and the Neat Method have been featured on Oprah, HGTV,, The New York Times, Vouge, and The Washington Post.

Ashley give us some great tips for setting up our kitchens to maximize efficiency, shares some standard rules for keeping the junk drawer in check, and teaches us what is really the heart of the kitchen.

We also have an honest talk about separating “Pinterest Perfect” kitchen organization from what works in real life!

The Neat Method can be found in more than 20 cities around the country and has online services available. To learn more about The Neat Method visit their website and follow them on Instagram,  Pinterest, and


  1. Love you girls! I laugh out loud all the time. Need to actually do these tips and tricks to organize my kitchen

  2. Thanks so much Kelly for listening and for your sweet comment. You made our day! And yes… I need to “actually do” these tips and tricks as well not just talk about them on a podcast!” If you ever have a free moment and would be willing to write us a review on itunes, we would be so grateful! Thanks again! Have a great day!

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