Summer Vacations: The Home Hour, Episode 74

It’s “The Home Hour away from Home!” On this episode of The Home Hour, Graham and Kirsten and talking about summer travels with families. We discuss our summer plans and how we like to travel…or not travel, with kids. We also talk about staying in VBRO’s, finding hotels for a family of 5, cooking while on vacation, and finding a balance between “cultural experience trips” and “beach & pina colada trips”. Graham tries to put Kirsten’s Disney anxiety to rest and shares a crazy story about the bizarre lengths her parents went to when they needed a vacation-babysitter in a pinch!


We also are meeting Jen Brigham as we begin a new series on the podcast! For the next 6 months (or maybe more!) we’ll be following Jen, a real life working mom of 3, as she embarks on a substantial home remodel.

This remodel has been six years in the making but she’s finally moved out of her house and torn it apart! Now, we get to watch the process of putting it back together!

Jen’s Living Room!

Jen’s Kitchen!

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