Healthy Foods the Sneaky Way: The Home Hour, Episode 75

Move over green smoothies, we’re taking the art of hiding veggies and vitamins to a whole new level! We may have just found the ultimate kitchen hack for those of us who deal with picky eaters! Oh, and did we mention it’s perfect for summer?

Introducing “GLOW POPS!”

On this episode of The Home Hour, we’re talking to wellness writer, creator of the popular blog Sprouted Routes and author of Glow Pops,  Liz Moody.  Liz chats with Kirsten & Graham all about why popsicles may be the ultimate “healthy freezer food” and shares tips and insights into some of the hottest new trends in healthy eating.

Links we mentioned, or should have mentioned, on this episode:

  • Our Instagram: (to enter to win a copy of Liz’s new book!)
  • Sprouted Routes
  • Glow Pops Book
  • Adaptagens: Herbs that work with your body! They do things like balance your  hormones and they adapt to your individual needs.
  • Ashwaganda: good for anxiety
  • Maca  Maca a root from Peru which gets ground up. Ancient warriors used it to build up their stamina. *Note: this is not “matcha”,which is powdered green tea.
  • Vitacost: One of Liz’s favorite online retailers for affordable health foods.
  • Truffle Salt: Kirsten’s favorite way to trick herself into eating her veggies!  (Crazy expensive but so delicious! Also, this little jar last as about 6 months)

While we loved hearing about the latest trends in healthy eating, Liz does caution us that all these fashionable foods, while cool and good for extra healing, aren’t as important as a diet full of greens, good fiber, healthy proteins and healthy fats! Liz also loves fresh fruits but warns that as soon as they are picked, they begin to loose their health benefits. She says frozen fruits are a great option!

Liz says popsicles are the perfect way to hide veggies and, because they can be pre-made, they may even be easier to grab in the morning than making a smoothie! All you need is a blender and a popsicle mold. Rather than pureeing and straining (as many popsicle recipes suggest) all the recipes in Glow Pops are simply blended and poured into molds, which keeps all the healthy fibers.

Liz also recommends an avocado a day. She says they are the perfect “brain food” and as a bonus, they help give popsicles creamy texture.

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