DIY Tips & Domestic Imperfection: The Home Hour Episode 76

It’s DIY Day on the Home Hour! Time to whip out the paint brushes and hammers as Kirsten & Graham are joined by Ashley of the popular Home Improvement & DIY Blog Domestic Imperfection.

On this episode, Ashley shares the behind-the-scenes stories of some of the most popular projects on her blog including how she made a countertop out of pennies, how she painted and raised her big-box-store cabinets to look custom, and the DIY butcher block countertop that looked so good online Kirsten copied it in her own kitchen!

Links we mentioned or should have mentioned on this episode:

We also learn about Ashley’s most sought after project to date: the infamous “Paper Bag Floor!”

The Paper Bag Floor!

Ashley and her husband are currently in the process of building their dream home in Texas with their four little boys!

This new house is so unique and gorgeous… and they are truly building it themselves!

Also on this episode, we check in with Jen Brigham, our real life remodeler, to see the latest developments from her whole-house renovation.

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