Making Entertaining Silly; The Home Hour, Episode 77

We’re putting on our party hats and getting a bit silly! Kirsten & Graham have always believed that sophistication is overrated and that laughter beats stuffy every time…and now we’ve found fabulous two ladies who agree! On this episode of the Home Hour, we chat with the Slageter Sisters! Susan (Slageter) Palma, a decorator from Dallas, and Babs (Slageter) Horner, a cook from Connecticut, are sisters, best friends and two moms on a mission to bring the giggles back to entertaining!

Links we mentioned on the show:

Susan and Babs grew up in a home filled with laughter, joy, and parents who taught them that no matter what challenges life brings, the party should never stop!  They talk with Graham and Kirsten about how they were raised to smile at life and how they have tried to raise their children with the same sunny outlook.

On this episode we learn about some of their favorite tips and tricks to make entertaining a fun-filled experience for their guests and hear about their new book “Sophistication is  Overrated”

Whether it’s a poolside BBQ, a formal holiday dinner, or a post-plastic surgery luncheon, these ladies bring delicious food, beautiful decorating ideas, and usually a blow-up doll in a crazy costume. We hope this episode inspires you to throw a party that makes you smile!

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