Cleaning House with The Clean Mama: The Home Hour, Episode 79

Whether we like it or not, cleaning our house is a job that must be done. Today on The Home Hour, we’re strategizing to figure out how to make it easier! On this episode Kirsten and Graham chat with the Clean Mama herself, Becky Rapinchuck, about how schedules and routines can help make keeping a clean home more manageable!

We discuss Becky’s approach to systematically laying out chores as well as her favorite time saving hacks, the best cleaning tools, and recipes to create your own all natural DIY cleansers.

We also learn a great tip to help our kids to make their beds and get into a meaty debate with Graham’s cable guy over sharing favorite family recipes!

Links we mention on this episode:

Visit the Clean Mama site for great resources and printables and be sure to check out her newest book SIMPLY CLEAN!


  1. I thought this episode was super practical! thanks for having Becky on, I tend to let things pile up and never just maintain so i’m gonna try out her weekly approach/schedule. I’m also trying out that whole vinegar in the washing machine

    • Hey Sarah! Thanks so much! Glad to hear you enjoyed it! We went on a camping trip last weekend and the “campfire laundry” smell was still in my machine. I tried the vinegar-in-the-washing-machine and it totally got the smell out! WooHoo! Good luck and thanks for listening!

  2. Using a steamer instead of an iron came up in this episode I think? Would you mind sharing which one you like? Thanks!

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