The Art & Science Of Gift-Giving: The Home Hour, Episode 80

We all give them, we all receive them, but what makes a good gift? There are wedding gifts, hostess gifts, baby shower gifts, and the endless parade of children’s birthday gifts. On this episode of the home hour we’re tackling a huge topic and sharing our favorite go-to gift ideas. We learn that Kirsten pretty much sticks to registries whenever possible, but Graham has some standard gifts she always gives.

Kirsten explains why her favorite way to package a gift is with a cute tote bag. And we offer one lucky listener the chance to win a $50 gift card to buy their own cute tote bag from one of our favorite online boutiques: Adornlee! See our Instagram account @thehomehour for details! 

We talk about Kirlkland Wipes, the words most expensive spatula, and the amazing mailbox culture of Graham’s hometown.

Links we mentioned on this episode:


  1. Loved this show! I’m from Houston and have been gifting the Marye Kelley Frames for years. I reserve her frames for my special friends and family Her shop is fabulous!!!

    I also do what Graham does and buy the same gift for everyone. Most of my friends aren’t in the same circle so it’s pretty easy. I gift a Pottery Barn monogram Mr & Mrs pillow for weddings and for baby showers I gift a few of my favorite children’s books. For really close friends and family I also buy them these gifts but throw in something else to complete it.

    Buying the giant spatula. Have been searching for a new one for a while now.

    • Hi Angela!
      So thrilled you liked this episode! (and that you too love Marye Kelley Frames!) My FAVORITE baby or wedding gift! I promise you will love the giant spatula (and I’m so jealous it’s now so much more affordable!) Thanks for listening and sharing another great gift idea (I mean, you can’t go wrong with Pottery Barn!) If you ever have a second to give us some i-tunes review love that would be so wonderful! Thanks again!

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