Decluttering Our Lives & Our Closets: The Home Hour, Episode 83

What if it turns out that all those old clothes you’ve been holding onto may actually be holding you back? You probably don’t even realize how much time and energy you spend in your closet… and you probably own way more clothing than you really need.

Today on The Home Hour, Kirsten & Graham team up with professional organizer Rachel Rosenthal to tackle some of our greatest decluttering challenges: our closets!  Rachel Rosenthal is the founder of Rachel and Company, one of the most well regarded home organization firms in the country. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping, and House Beautiful, just to name a few. She has been helping overwhelmed moms like us cut through the excess and figure out how to spend less time looking for our stuff and more time doing what really matters. 

On this episode we talk about what clothes we actually wear, which pieces are worth saving, and what items just need to go! We also discuss linen closet overhauls, the challenging task of giving up the baby-stuff, and how to get our kids organized for back to school!

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