A Design Magazine Editor’s Tips For Creating A Beautiful Home: The Home Hour, Episode 85

Photo Courtesy of Coastal Living

Today, we’re getting back to basics and talking about how to simply make a home pretty!

On this episode, Graham and Kirsten chat with professional stylist, tastemaker, and busy mom of two, Steele Marcoux about simple and affordable ways to make a typical home feel photo shoot worthy. We also get a fun look behind the scenes at what goes into creating some of those beautiful shots we all see in magazines, how to spot which trends are worth emulating and which ones to skip, and how to balance a desire for a beautiful home with the realities of sticking to a budget and living with children.

Photo Courtesy of Coastal Living

Photo Courtesy of Coastal Living

Steele is the current editor of Coastal Living Magazine, a former editor of Southern Living Magazine and Country Living Magazine, and a freelance contributor to such publications as HGTV Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens. She’s also one of Graham’s besties!

Links we mentioned on the show:

Photo courtesy of Coastal Living

Photo Courtesy of Coastal Living


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    • Hey! A fellow Long-Islander! Love it, and also love your blog–just checked it out! I really did just ADORE Fire Island. I remember going there as a kid and seeing all the deer and foxes and felt like it was so FAR away from my house. And when I went back this past summer it was literally like a one hour trip to another world and I was transported. Thanks again for listening and commenting! We’d love to hear from you if you have any more suggestions or feedback. And if you’re up for an iTune’s review–well we’d just love that too!

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