“Greenish:” A Moderate’s Guide to Being More Environmentally Minded: The Home Hour, Episode 89

We’re going GREEN! Well, at least we’re trying!

Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we discuss what we do and don’t do in our own homes and what tricks and hacks we’ve learned to make going green easier.  

While we readily acknowledge that we all share the earth and should be striving to keep it in the best shape possible, we also know that it can be easier said than done. One of our listeners recently wrote in asking about what we were doing to try to be green in our own homes and that really got us thinking. Here’s what she said:

Hi! I am really enjoying The Home Hour and my favorite episodes are the ones where you both simply chat and share ideas with each other. My husband and I are in the process of trying to reduce waste, live less “consumable” lives, and improve our eco-friendly habits (such as moving toward no paper towels, no ziplocs, etc.). I would love to hear if you two have thought about this and whether you do anything in your homes to try to live more “green.” Thanks!

Today is the moderate’s guide to going green. We’re not by any stretch of the imagination model families at this but we hope our discussion can inspire our listeners and ourselves to do a bit better.  

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  1. You guys are so much more green than you think! Super fun episode!

  2. Recently I’ve been astounded at the amount of paper napkins I go through while feeding my one year old. After listening to this episode I decided to give cloth napkins a try. Coincidentally, my husband used to work in the restaurant industry, and over time lots of cloth napkins made it back to our house in his uniform pockets. I used to send them back to work with him, but when the restaurant changed napkin colors, a pile of mustard yellow napkins took up residence in my cabinet. I figured I’d keep them in case they could ever be used for a dinner party (which was honestly unlikely). So, for the last week I’ve been using cloth napkins and I’ve probably used fewer than ten paper napkins. It’s working out great, and I’m glad you ladies gave me the idea! On another note, my greenish tip for diapering — originally I planned on cloth diapering both for green reasons and economic reasons. Other needs arose and I’ ended up using disposable diapers. Whenever I throw one away I wrap it up as small and tightly as possible. It takes up less space in the trash can, and I tell myself it will take up less space in a landfill. I don’t know how much of a difference it truly makes, but it makes me feel better! 🙂

  3. Hi Sylvia!
    Thanks so much for listening and taking the time to comment. So happy to hear that you found the episode helpful. I too switched to cloth napkins just this week and I agree that it’s working great! And kuddos to you for even thinking about cloth diapers! I did disposable with all 3 kids so zero judgement from me! 🙂

  4. I just wanted to say, on the subject of throwing apple cores out the car window… I have driven MILES with a core in my hand just waiting for the perfect time and place to throw it. Preferably in the ditch by a field or woods and definitely not in someone’s yard. But I cannot make myself throw it if there is another car visible because I am such a rule follower and am terrified that they will think I am littering. I was so relieved to hear that someone else worries about this too!

  5. Okay, this just made me laugh! I mean, I get it! We know in our hearts that it is
    100% okay to throw it out, but the shame of what the other cars may think is just too much to bear! From one rule follower to another, I feel ya! 🙂

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