Etiquette Rules for Modern Life: The Home Hour, Episode 90

Is etiquette an outdated idea? Or is it an important skill in our current climate? This episode is all about tackling the daily challenges of what to do, what to say, and how to act when situations aren’t always crystal clear. We’re talking to one of our new favorite friends, Lizzie Post from The Emily Post Institute, about why manners still matter. Lizzie is the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post and the co-host of the fantastic podcast Awesome Etiquette.

Join Kirsten, Graham, and Lizzie as we tackle everything from how to thoughtfully handle the dietary restrictions of others to one simple etiquette trick that may help you land that dream job.

To hear more from Lizzie, be sure to check out her show, the Awesome Etiquette Podcast!

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  1. I think that Graham’s comment that she would use the terms “Ma’am” and “Sir” “even with customer service” people is really not cool. It sounds like she is insinuating that people in these positions don’t warrant these titles? Could you explain that more, particularly because it was said during an ETIQUTTE episode. Makes me sad, because I am a huge fan of the Life Listened Network. Graham, I really think you need to tone it down, because you come across as very snobby…. even the way you speak to your cohost often sounds condescending. I did try to leave a podcast review several times, but I’m having tech issues. I hear you ask for reviews often, so I thought this feedback might help you improve your show. Perception is reality. Thanks, Trish V

  2. Hi Trish,
    Thanks you so much for listening and for taking the time to comment when something jumped out you as disturbing.

    Graham is out of town and has limited internet so I hope it’s okay that I am replying in her place.
    I have gone back and listened to the comment you referenced several times and if you do the same, I think you will discover that it was not the hosts who made the remark, it was our guest Lizzie Post. This is an understandable mistake as sometimes with three voices on the line, it can be tricky to know exactly who is speaking.

    While we certainly can’t control everything our guests say on this unscripted format, we do try to seek out guests we believe will be helpful and entertaining to our listeners. I do not know Lizzie very well, but we have had several conversations and I can assure you that her character was anything but rude and she does not seem to have a snobby bone in her body. In all my interactions with her she has been exceedingly thoughtful, respectful, and kind.

    My personal take on the comment is that when one thinks of those working in customer service, one usually thinks of someone whose job is to represent the company in the most gracious way possible and that these people are often bending over backwards to show incredible etiquette to customers who are often rude in return. Afterall, customer service is often where a customer goes when there is a problem with a product or service; sadly people in that position often take the brunt of the customer’s frustration even though they most likely had nothing to do with causing the problem. When I listened to the remark in context, I think her point was about showing respect to people who unfortunately often have to deal with customers who do not show then the same level of kindness and respect.

    Again, I am truly saddened that this episode upset you. As Graham’s best friend for almost 2 decades I can assure you that she is one of the kindest and least snobby humans I know. I am sorry that anything different than that has been conveyed. I am so glad you commented on our show notes page because we are able to respond on this format, whereas on I-tunes there is no “reply” function, which means we are unable to address any specific questions.

    Thank you again for listening and sharing your concerns. Hopefully, you will continue to listen and give us the benefit of the doubt. However if we are not the right show for you, I hope you are able to continue to enjoy the other shows on the Life Listened Network.

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