Spooky Scary! A Halloween Primer: The Home Hour, Episode 93

Trick or Treat! Today on the Home Hour, we’re talking about all things Halloween!  

Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we take a look at one of our favorite holidays. We’ll talk about how much Halloween has changed since we were kids, how we decorate our own homes for the holiday, what costumes our children are wearing this year, and which moms we think are hitting it out of the park with Halloween! 

We also share a few personal stories about Graham’s ability to turn Halloween into a 72 -hour endurance event and how Kirsten managed to put herself in the most unattractive costume possible.  

And move over Monster Mash! We talk about why Werewolf Bar Mitzah is our favorite Halloween Song!

Links we mentioned on the show: The Switch Witch!

The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft!

Switch Witch and her friends are here to bring their magic and fun to all good boys & girls! Switch Witches need your candy to heat their homes and make their Witchy World go round! Buy a Switch Witch book & toy and begin this new Fall & Halloween tradition in your home!

On Halloween night your Switch Witch will use her spell to Switchcraft your candy for a special surprise!

Sponsor Spotlight: Hello Fresh

Graham and Kirsten have had so much fun cooking and eating this week thanks to Hello Fresh! 

HelloFresh is the meal kit delivery service that makes cooking more fun so you can focus on the whole experience, not just the final plate.  Each week Hello Fresh creates new delicious recipes with step-by-step instructions designed to take around 30 minutes for everyone from novices to seasoned home-cooks short on time.

HelloFresh sources the freshest ingredients, measured to the exact quantities needed so there’s no food waste.

We loved our week with Hello Fresh and are so excited to offer our listeners a try!

For $30 off your first week of HelloFresh, visit hellofresh.com and enter HOMEHOUR30


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