Dinner AGAIN? Mom Meals with Katie Workman: The Home Hour, Episode 94

Can you believe your family wants to eat dinner… again? Does this really have to happen every night? On today’s episode we’re talking about the reality of cooking for a family and offering simple ways to make that sometimes overwhelming process into an easier endeavor.

Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as they talk to chef, author, and fellow mother, Katie Workman about how she get’s dinner on the table and why it’s completely okay to sometimes just call for a pizza.

Katie Workman is the author of the Mom 100 Cookbook and Dinner Solved! She is also a mom who knows that the fantasy of a perfect family meal around the table every night truly is just a fantasy.

We also discuss strategies for picky eaters, how to handle desert-demanders, and why some kids really do love salad! Plus, we show you how making some slight alterations to recipes can lead to a meal that will be liked by all -without turning you into a short-order cook!

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