Houseguests, Fish, and Other Things That Stink After 3 Days: The Home Hour, Episode 95

Lay out the welcome mats! This week’s episode is all about how we tackle one of the trickiest areas of hospitality and gracious living: Houseguests!

Joins hosts Kirsten and Graham as we explore the do’s and don’ts of hosting houseguests and we share some great tips we’ve used to make these guests feel at home. We discuss what it’s like to host friends in small homes with no guest rooms versus large homes with designated guest rooms, our favorite memories of staying with others, and what happens when you’re suddenly the guest in the home where you grew up?

Plus, we chat about the worst hostess gift we’ve ever received, whether you should ditch your dining room table in favor of a pool table, and why Murphy Beds are our new guest room obsession!

Real Life Remodel!

We also get a chance to check in with our real life listener remodeler, Jen and hear how she’s doing. She’s got lots to say about how to salvage cheap kitchen cabinets and how removable wallpaper is her new favorite. She recommends Spoonflower as one of her favorite sites for this.

Wallpaper in Jen’s daughter’s new room!


  1. Great episode! I have two lovely and well-stocked guest rooms, but the bar has been raised by learning Graham has robes for guests. What a nice touch! I’m also cracking up about going to Starbucks to stock your guest coffee bar. So smart!

    • I also meant to say that Pottery Barn has blackout curtains that really work well, and there are several choices of fabric and color. Plus they go on sale regularly. Check out the teen and kids catalogs as well as the regular. My guest room curtains came from the teen collection and are navy with white trim in a Greek key pattern (i.e., they don’t look like a kid or teen room).

  2. I LOVE Pottery Barn Teens stuff! It is very grown-up looking, but about half the price! Such a good tip! I bought some greek key pattern throw pillows from them!

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