Do others enjoy your company? How to be gracious, joyful, and show unsinkable strength in any circumstance. The Home Hour, Episode 98

What does “Graciousness” mean anyway? Would someone describe you as gracious? Maybe you already show graciousness when things are going well, but what does it look like to have “Grace under Fire”? Join us today as we take adulting to a whole new level and learn how to get gracious!

On this episode of the Home Hour, we’re discovering what it takes not just to navigate the world as a grown-up, but to navigate with style! Join hosts Kirsten & Graham for an entertaining yet equally inspiring conversation as we chat with New York Times Best-Selling Author, and overall genuinely lovely person, Kelly Williams Brown.

In her first book, Adulting: How to become a Grow-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps, Kelly taught us what it means to really be a grown-up in today’s world. In her latest book, Graciousness: A Practical Primer on Charm, Tact, and Unsinkable Strength, we learn how it’s not just important to live as an adult, but to live as an adult who makes life better for those around her!

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