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Meet the hosts of the podcasts in the Life, Listened family of shows. For more on our ownership team and network principals, visit this page.

KRISTEN HOWERTON and SARAH JAMES are bloggers and friends exploring self-care and other topics related to women’s health, wellness, and happiness in Selfie.

KAREN WALROND is a photographer, speaker and best-selling author. Her new podcast, Make Light, will launch August 2017. Her second book, Make Light: Stories of Bright Sparks, Slow Burns and Thriving Out Loud, will be released November 1, 2017, and is available for preorder now.

KIRSTEN DUNLAP and GRAHAM SMITH, best friends of 20 years and co-hosts of The Home Hour podcast, are passionate about helping moms create welcoming homes and gracious living spaces.

ALISON THOMPSON and LARISA WEIHBRECHT, co-hosts of Crunchy Cocktail Hour (coming soon!) are working moms interested in bringing green living and natural health into their homes and lives–without going crazy or giving up cocktails.

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