How Do I Get A Podcast On My Phone?

One of the questions we get most from new podcast listeners is: How do I listen to podcasts on my phone?

If you’ve been playing episodes right from your computer’s browser window and would like to take your podcasts on the go, this page is for you. We’ll walk you through the process of how to find and listen to podcasts on your smartphone.

How do I get a podcast on my phone

1. Download a (free) podcast app to your mobile device

iPhone users can start with iOS’s Podcasts app, which may already be on your phone and, if not, is free in the app store; Android users might try Stitcher (free) or Pocket Casts ($3.99, and available on iOS as well). When you’re just starting out, it won’t make a huge difference which podcast app you try. You can always switch later if you’re not happy with the functionality.

2. Search for shows

If you know which show you want to listen to, type the name into the app’s search feature. It’s that simple!

If you like to browse from available shows and episodes, try typing in a topic, a book, or a personality into the search field. You’ll probably see individual episodes as well as show titles appear in search results, giving you plenty to browse through and try out.

3. Subscribe

Finding shows to listen to using the search feature is pretty simple, but if you want to stay informed when a new episode of your favorite show airs, subscribing is best.

Most podcast apps will have a “Subscribe” option on the main screen for that particular show (see below for iTunes and Stitcher examples).

Once you’ve subscribed, new episodes will appear automatically wherever your subscribed shows are listed. You may also want to tinker with settings for offline listening, which will make sure shows are downloaded to your device (best if you’re doing to be listening when there’s no phone or wifi service available).

4. Listen!

Now that your favorite podcasts are mobile, listen to them in the car, on the treadmill, or wherever you and your phone find yourselves.

Ready to start listening to podcasts on your phone now? Here are the subscription links for the Life, Listened shows!

Make Light
Apple Podcasts  |  Android

The Home Hour
Apple Podcasts  |  Android

The Mom Hour
Apple Podcasts  |  Android

image: modified from peddhapati, via Flickr Creative Commons