LifeWork Bonus Episode: Meet Dave Krock

In this bonus episode of the LifeWork podcast, Meagan interviews Dave Krock – entrepreneur and 1/2 of the LifeWork show.  Find out more about the literal “U-Turn” that made a huge change in Dave’s life and approach to business, as well as some of the books, personalities, and ideas that have shaped his career since.

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  1. I truly enjoyed David’s introduction as I’ve always found Mr. Krock to be an interesting man. His story is something I can truly relate to personally while learning something at the same time. Dave is great for this show not just for his wisdom but his fantastic ability to break things down and make them accessible to others. Through this podcast, he is a wonderful teacher. His down-to-earth humor and ever-curious nature brings a lot to his voice on the show and I definitely look forward to listening to LifeWork in future episodes to come.

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