Why Are We Doing This, Anyway? LifeWork Episode 1.1

Do you ever ask yourself “why?” Why you’re choosing to design an unusual life while building a business when – let’s face it – it would probably be easier just to get a day job? How do you know when you’re on the right track – and stay true to the values and principles that pointed you in this direction in the first place?



The theme of our very first week’s worth of episodes here at LifeWork is just that: Why. Throughout the week, we’ll cover our this theme in a variety of ways – from asking the big questions we’re all thinking about, to offering tips and tools to make your business (and personal business!) easier to manage, and on Thursday, offering an insightful interview to inspire your life and work.

We’ve structured the show as 5 daily mini-episodes that fit together to create a single, longer episode. You can listen daily – we’d love to be part of your morning routine, lunch break, or evening thinking time! – or wait until Friday and binge on all the mini-episodes at once.

We’re so glad you’re here and welcome you to reach out to us via email at hello@lifeworkpodcast.com or by commenting below. You can also find our show on iTunes or whatever app you use to listen to podcasts. We’d love your ratings and reviews – they make it easier for new listeners to find our show and decide if it’s a good fit for them.

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