Being Authentic and Finding Your “Why” with Clayton Morris: LifeWork Episode 1.4

Clayton Morris

Today we talk to Fox & Friends news anchor, real estate investor, podcaster and public speaker Clayton Morris what his journey on the road to success has taught him about authenticity, breakthroughs, focus, and financial freedom. Find out how pivots can be both life-changing and career-changing, what Clayton learned from creating a prototype for the perfect hoodie that turned out not to be the perfect business for him (hint: there’s still only one of Clayton’s hoodies in existence) and how to figure out your own “freedom number.”

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  1. I thought this was an outstanding interview with Clayton. So many fascinating stories for just one segment. The “Hoodie” story was probably one that truly resonated with me as I, too am an eternally curious entrepreneurial dabbler. I found his insights on meditation, manifestation and the laws of attraction interesting as well. Being a long-time practitioner of such, I am delighted to hear of others embracing the idea and sharing their own experiences. Not only did we get to know Clayton Morris a bit deeper, but he also provided valuable wisdom and information as well. This is my favorite episode of the week.

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