Turn Your Business Into A Cash Machine with Tara Gentile: LifeWork Episode 13

How do you turn your business into a “cash machine?” Can you build a successful business around a small number of high-quality customers who can really benefit from your big idea? And how do you keep your products and services cohesive so that they serve the whole of your business rather than diluting your efforts? Those are just a few of the topics we discussed with Tara Gentile, business strategist and creator of Quiet Power Strategy, in Episode 13 of LifeWork. Listen in to find out how to build a business that goes deep, creates real value, and grows both sustainably and authentically.

Discussion Points and Links:

  • Find out more about Tara’s Quiet Power Strategy.
  • The vital importance of finding out what your audience really wants and needs
  • How to identify your ideal client (without going the “avatar” route)
  • What is a cash machine, and how do you turn your business into one?
  • How to create cohesion between your offers and big ideas
  • Tara’s reverse-engineered content strategy (and how it helps her make sales)
  • Why focusing on “going deep” with a small number of ideal clients can help a business scale in a more successful and satisfying way
  • Tara’s FREE 6-part pricing course


Featured image: Regina Miller

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