Why Successful Businesspeople are Also “Constant Learners”: LifeWork Episode 19

What does it mean to be a “constant learner” and how can busy entrepreneurs (or wannabe entrepreneurs) apply the “five hour rule” to their lives? In episode 19 of LifeWork, Dave and Meagan discuss why regularly including books, articles and other kinds of instructional media in your life is so important when building a business – and how to make it fit around all the other balls you have in the air.

Discussion Points and Links:

  • Why Constant Learners Embrace The Five-Hour Rule – The Inc. article that inspired this discussion.
  • Strategies for making more time to read and consume educational media
  • How “not having time” to read (or do other enriching activities) is often a mistaken perception
  • Utilizing commutes and other “downtime” opportunities to learn more
  • Skimming vs. a deep dive read: a technique for absorbing information quickly
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